Monday, June 8, 2009

here goes nothing

i've never been the one to blog. i don't like to capitalize, use correct punctuation, or even bother to click backspace when i make a mistake typing. those are all things that bloggers should do. their writing seems to be so elegant that i forget whether i'm reading someone's life or a book that's been through multiple editors. i'm not a writer. i lack the wittiness, clever phrases, and colorful words that make blogs interesting and worthwhile. my life isn't full of exciting adventures or soap opera drama. it's a girl's life. a growing girl. a college girl. a girl who is figuring out the world one day at a time. the good, bad, and ugly.
read if you want. but if you are looking for fluffy, heartfelt, need a tissue kinda stuff...
you might find it here.
or you might not.
i can't tell you yet because like i said, i'm figuring out this getting older thing. i can't see the future but if i had to guess, i'd say i'm in for some times of heartache, brokeness, humility, healing, and redemption.
let the journey continue...