Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

It's the friday before Father's day and I THINK I might actually have this post completed before or on the actual day....unbelievable.
After bragging on my mom in my last post (leading to many, many happy tears...success!), I couldn't think of a better way to show my dad some appreciation by doing the same thing.

Dad- You've been a father for a long, long time. I say that not to make you feel old, but to bring attention to God's faithfulness and goodness. He has done much work in you to mold you into the man He wants you to be. It's been a blessing and a privilege to be on the sidelines watching for the past 21 years. While there are many more things I can list that I'm thankful for about you, here are for each year you have fathered and guided me towards where I am today.

1. Your strong desire to provide for your family and give them not only things we need, but want.
2. Your rare, but completely awesome laugh when you see something that is really funny. It takes a lot to give you a good belly laugh; but when it happens, it is such a joy to watch and listen to.
3. Your patience. Never have I met anyone more patient than you. Mom and I try it many times, every day, yet you continually stay calm and collected.
4. How diligent you are in your work. You wouldn't call yourself smart, and many times you beat yourself up, but I look up to the perseverance and determination you had to get you to where you are today.
5. Your desire to keep peace. You hate conflict, especially within your own house. I can always count on you for staying levelheaded.
6. How protective you are. Ok, at times I'm frustrated by this....but, I've learned to appreciate it. What a beautiful reflection of how much Mom and I mean to you. You have come a long way since I was younger.
7. This song
8. How you are such a homebody, yet you attend parties, socials, etc. with Mom because she wants you to. Not only that, but once you are there, you engage and socialize with others, not pout like me. This not only shows your ability to put others above yourself, but also your willingness to be out of your comfort zone.
9. Your delight in taking the international students under your wing. Your desire to include them and make them feel comfortable here is encouraging to me.
10. Your confidence. While you are insecure about some things, you find your confidence in God and let that guide you...something not a whole lot of us can do.
11. Your humility.
12. How you sacrifice for mom and I...I have not met another person more selfless and willing to give up anything for the sake of his family.
13. Your wise council. Not only to me, but through Crown and pre-marital counseling. It's so cool to see how transparent you are about your past sins and struggles and then use that to minister to others.
14. Your leadership. Not just in our home, but in the church. You are admired and looked up to.
15. Making sure to always say, "I love you." I have the wonderful blessing of saying I have genuinely been told that phrase my whole life, something I'm unfortunately just now appreciating.
16. How you support me and my dreams. Even when they change every semester.
17. Your authority. I haven't always done a good job at submitting to it, but thank you for setting boundaries with me as I grew up in your home. College has made me appreciate your authority so much more.
18. How frequently and easily you extend me mercy. I have put you through a lot, yet you have always been "slow to anger and abounding in love."
19. Your dancing. Used to be embarrassing, now I embrace it. You give mom and I a good laugh with your moves.
20. Your faithfulness to your marriage. I have never once feared you being unfaithful to mom. Never. While it wasn't always an easy road, you remembered your vows and pushed through.
21. Lastly, your heart. Your motives behind everything you do, whether it be worry or act of service, reflect the love you have for others. While it's sinful at times, you desire to glorify God in everything you do.

Daddy, thank you for being an example for me and for other men and women. You have taught me what to expect from my future husband. I am forever grateful for you and I will always be your little girl.

Proverbs 17:27
A man of knowledge uses words with restraint,
and a man of understanding is even-tempered.

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